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Serial Number Corel Draw X6 Gratisinstmanks geanque




The following 12 to 18 month internship is part of the Vibes RFES programme, an initiative that helps young people from minority groups (gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual, queer, and intersex) integrate into the professional and research societies. The RFES Summer Jobs Internship Programme offers students opportunities to develop their professional and communication skills in an environment where they will have the chance to work on a range of projects such as the development of an international students network, the production of promotional materials, international and intercultural awareness training, project management and design, and the implementation of an event at the World Expo in Milan, Italy. The internship is organised in parallel with the Institut universitaire de technologie IUT and addresses its professional training mission.  . As part of the Vibes programme, from October 2018 to May 2019, a team of interns will work with the Department of Business Analytics and Office of the Vice-Rector for Business of the IUT. The interns will be located at the IUT offices in Ile-de-France and will work on six main areas of activity. These include the following: - Collaboration with the VIBES-Ville organisée des activités le 6  - International exchange programmes and fellowships - Development of a new education methodology - International student internships - International research on the field of business analytics - Co-production of an international research review on business analytics for the IUT. The internship offers the possibility of completing the following activities: - Academic internships - Internships in the fields of e-commerce, social media and digital strategy. - Travel and experience - Joint projects with our external partners such as SUGAR and CEA. - Networking and mentoring with practitioners of the field of business analytics in France and abroad. - Workshops and courses in the fields of business analytics and innovation and on the development of methodologies for the transformation of businesses. The experience can be completed in different forms and can take place in the IUT or other organisations of the French community in Paris and its suburbs, such as Crédit Agricole, Axa France, Publicis, EDF, Etam, France Télécom, L'Oreal or French Space. All the activities mentioned above have been developed in collaboration with other organisations and research centres such as SUGAR, CEA or CRNS.




Serial Number Corel Draw X6 Gratisinstmanks geanque

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